Sydney Property Prices

A lot of property analytics are showing that Sydney property prices remain high when compared with the real estate market in other areas throughout the country. However, for people who intend to buy, rent or make a property investment in Sydney there are still excellent opportunities await. Today, the distance between Sydney property prices and the prices in other areas are actually closing in, this is because the prices in other real estate markets continue to rise in a faster pace than the property prices in Sydney.

Sydney property prices

Sydney property prices

In fact in the past few years many homeowners and property investors have witnessed property prices and values slightly decreasing in Sydney, while in other real estate markets they continue to rise. This condition has established a great opportunity for those who want to add real estate to their investment. The good thing is there are many lucrative options available in Sydney’s real estate market, whether for high end residences or moderately priced housing. Nowadays A ot of suburb areas in Sydney are actually showing excellent growth in supply and prestige after a long hibernation period.

Areas like Bremon, Warrawee, Gordon, Killara and Pymble are really showing promising activity and invigorated prices. For many people the options in these areas might seem quite costly and a bit too prestigious, however if you have the funds, these areas are actually providing excellent opportunities because they are expected to stay desirable. For those who are more interested in more moderately priced housing, an area such as Erskineville is worth to look into. In this area, the prices are actually very affordable for many families while at the same time it’s also showing great signs of rental yield and capital growth. As the population is growing in suburb areas where these moderately priced housing units are located, the demand is automatically increasing and that makes property investment becomes an excellent choice in these areas.

Nowadays there are generally two kinds of real estate renter and buyer candidates, those who interested in areas that are already found to be prestigious and pricy, and others that are more interested in discovering hidden gems. Darlinghurst for example, a lot of people in the real estate market would say that this area is really worth exploring, the only thing that makes this area is still “under-explored” is because it’s often overshadowed by the popular Surry Hills area. It’s no surprise because Surry Hills is a very lively urban area that’s famous for its vast selection of nice restaurants and bars. Another area that shares the similar condition as Darlinghurst is Redfern.

So anyone with a budget, whether for a prestigious and costly property or only enough for moderately priced housing, can actually find lots of opportunities in Sydney’s real estate market. So it looks like that the home buying market in Sydney is currently still a good place for buyers, in fact there are also a lot of readily available apartment rentals with a wide price ranges. This is an absolute great atmosphere for for real estate investors with a lot of new areas in Sydney that are slowly transforming into high demand areas. Even though for the past few years Sydney has earned a reputation as being the more expensive market compared with other areas, there is actually a nice balance in this market that provides opportunities and benefits for those who are looking to buy homes.

For international investors, the Australian housing market is still one of the best investments they can make. Many local and international experts actually believe that Australia is actually going through a housing boom and there are some impressive real estate figures in the Sydney market that keeps moving to the right direction. Even though things have been slightly slowing down in recent years, but prices and demand for properties in Sydney area remain strong.

Sydney is considered as one of the most densely populated cities in Australia, but the population in this area is actually quite spread out that makes its real estate market is so diverse, that’s why we can still expect the real estate industry to thrive in Sydney. Even though the overall housing market in Australia and the rest of the world for that matter, has experienced some bleak times, there is always a great opportunity in the future. The reason is simply because people will always need a place to live, and Sydney is one of the most desirable areas in Australia for a residential location.

The buyers’ market in Sydney is also very diverse. Most families looking to rent or buy properties in this area are usually going for properties with good value, proximity to the city and great atmosphere. Some of them are interested in more prestigious areas while others are more interested in less prominent areas that have great potentials for improvement. But one thing for sure, Sydney property prices are showing some promising signals for anyone who wants to make a property investment in the area.

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