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This is our reply to most biased / paid article published by domain. Busted: Six myths about Chinese property buyers

There are few reasons for writing this reply article.

01. Domain Deleted my Facebook comment.

02. The article will mislead poor first home buyers.

03. The article directly influences on Election results.

04. Chinese reporter (Might own millions worth properties) interviewing another Chinese Investor (Helping  non-English speaking Chinese to buy properties).

This article was written by Christina Zhou. We don’t want to criticise her under the impression she’s Chinese. So we dig deeper.

First,  we look into her LinkedIn profile.


Under her LinkedIn Profile, we saw several articles related to Chinese investment and she’s trying her best to make Chinese investment more appropriate for Australia.




The proof.



Who is Esther Yong ?

In this Domain article. Christina interviewing a person called Esther Young. She’s the one providing facts for this article and keeps saying the Chinese investors not the influence of house prices.

We linkedIn to Esther Young’s Linked In profile and found these.



So, it is very obvious that these two (Reporter and  Esther) are people who profit from Chinese investment and they get paid directly or indirectly for writing these articles.


What others on Facebook, Think about this article??






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